From the Lay Leader’s Desk

Advanced Lay Servant Course

Learning Goals: For Leading Worship
The goal of this session is to provide the history and an overview of the Basic Pattern of Christian Worship.

This Advanced Course will be offered at:
Little Utica UMC
1459 Lamson Road
Phoenix, NY 13135

Classes start on Sunday March 6, 2022, at 12:30 – to 3PM for the next five Sundays.
There will be a welcoming lunch on Sunday March 6th, so come hungry.

Before your first class, please have your application filled out and signed by your Pastor. Purchase “Worshiping with United Methodist” by Hoyt L. Hickman and read chapters 1 & 2.

Please introduce yourself and tell us which church you attend. Share with us how you are leading or hope to be leading in worship.

Course Overview

What we will be learning these 5 weeks:

Session one: Ordering Christian Worship: Principles and Patterns

Session two: The Character of the Presider: Presence, Energy, and Flow

Session three: Planning and Leading Entrance and Proclamation/Response

Session four: Planning and Leading Thanksgiving/Communion and Sending

Session five: Planning and Leading Worship in Other Settings

For more information, please contact:
Donald Day, Lay Leader at Little Utica UMC
(315) 598-6327 or

~ 2020 What a year! ~ 2021 What Possibilities! ~

(1) 2020 started out with such an explosion of things we planned to do. We had several Worshiping Events in different places planned. The only one that we were able to do was our Highland Forest Worship/Sleigh Ride Service in February. What a delightful event for young and the young at heart. We had a beautiful Moring Service complete with a table full of donuts, bagels, fruit cups, yogurt, juice and coffee. After we sang our last hymn, we donned our winter coats, boots, hats and gloves and boarded the horse-drawn sleigh for a 30 minute ride through the deep snow of Highland Forest.

(2) Covid-19 caused an abrupt closing of our in-house service; but it opened a new way of Worship for us and thousands of other churches across the country. Doug was able to quickly get us up and running doing our Sunday service online via Zoom. Covid-19 might have locked us, for a time, out of church but not out of worshiping. We have, thanks to Zoom, opened our Sunday morning Worship to folks all over the country. Now several of those people still join us each Sunday morning on Zoom. See how God works, one door closes and another opens Wide!

(3) Holy Land & religious travel were all canceled for 2020 and they are still on hold as of today. The Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany was rescheduled for 2022. I will be taking that tour in September of 2022. If you are interested in going, please contact me, there are still a few open spots.

(4) All Lay Servant and Bible study classes that were to take place in 2020, will be scheduled for later this year. I will be doing, at the church, Adam Hamilton’s “Final Words from the Cross.” This Lenten Study will start on Sunday February 21 at 11:15AM – Noon. It will take place in the church Sanctuary so we can maintain our social distance.

(5) The E.J. Thomas Cluster UMM and our UMW are still working hard on their commitment to our local missions to those in need. Please check out the UMW & UMM articles for more details.

(6) Big changes took place in 2020…Pastor Judy retired in June. Her retirement from preaching didn’t mean she was leaving us… Judy & Ed are now active congregants at Little Utica.

(7) We were so lucky to have so many of our Lay Servants who were willing to preach on a Sunday until a new pastor was found. November the search was completed. We welcomed our new Supply Pastor, Darlene Hyde. She has been able to just step right in and fill our church’s needs quickly.

(8) 2020 was the year of church up-grades!!! Please check out the Trustees report, Wow our trustees have been working overtime. Maybe Covid-19 brought about many things we disliked, but it caused us to tackle so many projects that were put on the back burner for years.

(9) As soon as we can gather without restrictions, a special Dedication Service is being planned. Through the generosity of two families, our church has received a Hearing-Impaired System, in memory of Leonard MacEwen and new United Methodist Hymnals, in memory of Richard Batruch. Both of these gifts were so needed. What a blessing it will be for those attending our services to be able to hear the service from any pew in the church. Now all the hymnals in every pew will match. The date for this special service of dedication and reception will be announced soon.

(10) As we look forward to new ways that we can serve our Lord in 2021, let us remember that He will lead us to new opportunities and show us opened doors that we never knew were there. Our church is so blessed to have a loving and giving family of true Christians.

So please keep working hard to keep our church shining bright and Shine it does!

Donald Day ~ Lay Leader